VGdrum is Maria Mercurial’s new glitterboy

We welcome all fellow deckers and shadowrunners who enjoy a good-old catchy 16-bit tune to chip into the VGdrummer’s latest video, in which he drums to a catchy track from the SNES action RPG Shadowrun.

Those who are into the Shadowrun universe will know that Maria Mercurial is a popular cyberpunk rockstar who makes a cameo early on in the SNES game’s club, “The Cage.” Her in-game band sure knows how to put on a show.

Shadowrun -related games have seen a resurgence recently, with the Kickstarter for Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun Returns achieving over $1.8-million back in late April. The game’s music will be scored by both SNES Shadowrun composer Marshall Parker and Sega Genesis composer Sam Powell.

Take a moment to stop whatever you’re doing on your Bitty Box and head over to the video page for some 90s cyberpunk drumming action. Be sure to check out the Youtube page as well.

And apologies if you’re not familiar with Shadowslang.

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