Linkin Park's 'Castle of Glass' to be featured in MoH: Warfighter

El33tonline writes:

"Following on from their collaboration on 2010’s Medal of Honor, EA, Danger Close and rock group Linkin Park are working together to bring original musical compositions to this year’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter."

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Sizzon2270d ago

Great song from their latest :)

Farsendor12270d ago

linkin park has a lot of haters from past fans but the thing is i would rather see them change then to say the same like disturbed.

anyways i really like linkin parks new album

iamnsuperman2270d ago

I think their new album has taken a step backwards towards what they used to do

OT: Nice song. Not as good as the catalyst but still good

No FanS Land2270d ago

This is why I can't stand Disturbed anymore. I used to really like the band, but same thing after 5 albums? Give me a break!

(Actually I don't even know how Asylum sounds, didn't even want to risk myself, IMO I think Disturbed peaked at 10,000 fists).

Castle of Glass, one of the best songs of the CD.

Red_Orange_Juice2270d ago

Always liked Limp Bizkit MOOOOAAAAAARRRRRR

JellyJelly2270d ago

Oooh! Tween metal. I wonder if the next game will have Justin Bieber?