ESPN NFL 2K5 [Retro review]

We are drawing closer to the start of the NFL season, this is always an exciting time of year for me personally. I played football at both the high school and college level, I’m about as big of a football fan as there possibly could be, so it makes sense that I always look forward to new football video games, or at least I did until EA got exclusive NFL Licensing rights and pretty much killed the competition by garnering a monopoly in the market. To this day, when someone brings up the all time best NFL game of all time, ESPN NFL 2K5 is always the front-runner in this topic of conversation. The main reason that people still talk about it being the best, is because it still offers features you cant find in the latest edition of Madden, ESPN NFL 2K5 came out in 2004 and it still plays as tight as ever, sometimes its a real joy to break out retro games and play through them, this is one retro game that I seriously couldn’t stop playing.

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