Top 5 Easiest Platinum Trophies for Vita

“Trophy Hunters” beware: you may immediately decide to play one of the following games.

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Lubu2270d ago

I've only got Vita Platinum, and it's for Lego Batman 2. That game was extremely easy, as most Kego games are. Some of the Minikits were a pain to find, even with the locator. And the only walkthroughs I could find were for the console versions. So I was on my own.

Unexpecta2270d ago

This list is flawed. Golden Abyss is NOT the easiest. Burning Skies should be #1.

Tired2270d ago

yup...on my crushing playthrough on uncharted and 34% of it's trophy list.

Burning skies...1 playthrough and a platinum. Damn that game was over quick.

That was a real shame.

Tired2270d ago

Motorstorm....driving me crazy....need to cut down my total playthrough by 46 seconds to get the plat.

Weirdly...i'm better at it on ps3....but maybe thats because I want to be gentle with the analogue sticks. I'm REALLY paranoid about being too heavy handed with the vita.

Unexpecta2270d ago

I haven't played BS since I platted it after my first playthrough.

I agree, a complete shame, not only to Nihilistic but to the RS franchise.

Knushwood Butt2270d ago

Motorstorm is not that difficult. Just keep chipping away at your times.

xGet_In_There2270d ago

Yea Resistance is by far the easiest. The only trophy I need for plat is play a game online, and I don't want to pay $10 for an online pass just to get it lol. I might see is GameStop has a used copy and then return it.

lilmetal2270d ago

You can get a Platinum in MGS3 with 1 playthrough on the easiest difficulty.
Transfer that save to your PS3 for another one.

BlaqMagiq242270d ago

I got my first Vita plat with Gravity Rush. I made it a mission to do that before I got the game.