Square's promise: FFXIII to be released in 2008

GamerNode:Promises, promises. They seem to always be said and most of the time broken, especially in the gaming business. Hearts can be broken, and tears might be shed -- especially for you GTA and MGS fans. When a developer drops a release date on our heads, that a big gutsy move, something us gamers don't take too much truth to.

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Darkiewonder4786d ago

IF it's released in 2008. Expect only for Japan for now ;3 [or those importers]

Relcom4786d ago

i'd at least consider it.... ; )

Darkiewonder4786d ago

There are some people that put out Walkthroughs for anyone that needs help.

Frances-the-Mute4786d ago

yeah for sure, but they could break that promise, i dont care how long it takes, as long as it doesnt go beyond 09, cuz thats just nonsense

Relcom4786d ago (Edited 4786d ago )

This, Fallout 3, and Disgea 3 should give me all the RPG I'll ever want this year. I hope it is a 2008 title SO much.

Beren4786d ago

I need an RPG (lol i am playing enchanted arms) p:
Lets hope that FFXIII is for this year =:3
Thx for the news :)

Relcom4786d ago (Edited 4786d ago )

Yeah when your best option for an JRPG/RPG is Enchanted Arms thats never a good thing.

meepmoopmeep4786d ago (Edited 4786d ago )

BEST news i've heard this year!!! but are they saying 2008 for North America or just Japan?

EDIT: aww, c'mon guys... Enchanted Arms wasn't THAT bad. Nothing spectacular or of the FF caliber but it's good for a quick JRPG fix

Relcom4786d ago

lol and i'd imagine a Japan release for 08 but one can hope for the US release

Beren4786d ago (Edited 4786d ago )

Well Enchanted Arms is not that bad but...err..the character voices are err ... weird, and the history too lol.
But not that bad is true i agree, and i agree at your double post too!!! =)

SoulReaper4786d ago

You forgot White Knight Story for the PS3...

How long have they been working on FFXIII?

heyheyhey4786d ago

yeah man i was just going to say

WKS looks excellent, and im also eyeing that Last Remnant game

BISHOP-BRASIL4786d ago (Edited 4786d ago )

I'm in the same boat here... Really waiting for a RPG... White Knight Chronicles + Disgaea 3 + FFVII Crisis Core + FallOut 3 + FFXIII (even a demo) must come into a happy overdosis now!

I just hope to live 'till the day they will drop that FPS fever and make more RPGs... I don't give a crap if it can't be released in a year lifecircle.

PS: Don't go on the Enchanted Arms, it's not worth the time, get some PS2 RPGs (if you have a 60GB PS3, I don't know if all of then work on 80, but I don't have any problem on 60) and play the hell out of Oblivion.

EDIT: I was forgetting Last Remnant! Bubble for you on that!

meepmoopmeep4786d ago

lol, i have to agree... the voices were gay (pun intended) :P

Beren4786d ago

And well i will leave here for fun:
(")_(") <<< english voice actor for Enchanted Arms LOL

Frances-the-Mute4786d ago

or maybe they'll release a demo for japan in '08

rexor07174786d ago

Last Remnant? Is that a RPG this year, right?

Sevir044785d ago

but this year IF and i say and bigg IF Square doesn't hit us with FF this year, we still have 4 other high profile RPGs hitting this year

Being white Knight Story from Sony and Level 5,
Disgea 3 from Nippon ichi,
Fallout 3 from Bethesda (drools)
and The Last Remnant From square enix

which looks great plus we haven't seen new info on it yet either. best believe that. plus it's been tagged with a release of spring 2008, which puts it right on time for a particular dry period without good games hitting. and spring is in april to June... so go figure, they are all coming just wait, and if you could deal wth a few ports. namco has 2 RPGs from the 360 on it's way over as well hitting in spring time for PS3 as well so we are all covered on that field

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Iron Man 24786d ago

I hope so,the sooner we get to play FFXIII,the better,FFXIII will boost PS3 sales everywhere,especially in Japan!;)

TruthBTold4786d ago

But it will be amazing to see what type of attention this game gets in Japan. Im sure it will be huge. I can only hope we get it here also in 08 but I guess we will have to wait and see.

INehalemEXI4786d ago

The way japan is feaning for Lost Odyssey , you know they gona dig this.

TruthBTold4786d ago

Yep, hopefully they make some type of event from this. I mean the game is huge in Japan, probably the biggest I think.

INehalemEXI4786d ago

It says there will be a PSN Demo too before it comes out in 08. Exciting.