IGN Preview - FIFA 13 on the Wii U: It’s In The Game, and So Are You


So, this is what it feels like to be a professional footballer. Scythed down by a spaghetti-legged David Luiz, I lock eyes with each individual player, and place a gleaming ball upon Anfield’s hallowed turf. Turning a full 180 to admire the Kop, I gaze up to the cloudless sky and then back down to the ball. It looks glorious. A shame then, that the resulting free kick is as graceful as Peter Crouch on rollerskates, fizzing straight into the wall and bobbling over the touchline for a throw. Ironically though, this might just be the most accurate description of FIFA’s maiden voyage into the world of Wii U – aesthetically accomplished, awkward in execution.

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shackdaddy2270d ago

Sounds good. It seems like the only real gripes they had was that it needed some time to get used to.

Hisiru2270d ago

Looks like I will buy the PS3 version (I have friends on PSN) and WiiU version.

quantae062270d ago

I will check this game out. I might buy it early next year sometime.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )


"The first real ‘Wow’ moment comes with the aforementioned Lift and Look feature, as directing the GamePad at your television gives you a full 360-degree view of the stadium during set pieces. Granted, it strays into gimmick territory-"

'cause when a video game makes me say, "WOW" it is clearly a gimmick and something that I want taken out of the game.

I agree (with Shackdaddy) it boils down to them needing to get used to the controls.

Still, the WiiU additions and extra modes don't "waterdown" the game (it just adds more ways to play. and I am sure Kinects will have 'family' modes).

BUT if you don't like the WiiU Touchscreen Functions- Use the other controller without the Touchscreen.

OmniSlashPT2270d ago

FIFA13 this year with the Kinect and WiiU functions...

Shok2270d ago

As long as the gimmick works, who cares?

If something is a gimmick, why is it automatically a bad thing? Do you people realize that the actual term gimmick does NOT have a negative connotation? A gimmick is simply a feature or selling point that is advertised in order to sell a product.

linkratos2270d ago

Gimmick by definition is not negative, but it certainly has a negative connotation now, especially among gamers for some reason.

I personally don't mind these "gimmicks" when they're optional. The Wii U stuff looks pretty cool anyways.

Thepcz2270d ago

sounds fooking amazing and genius if you ask me

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