Sonic The Hedgehog Demo Hits Live Marketplace

Major Nelson has just revealed that a demo of the upcoming release of Sonic The Hedgehog has just hit the Live Marketplace. The demo has gone live as part of Day 8 of the "Bringing it Home" campaign. The demo is not stupidity big either, clocking in at only 314MB it will not take a whole day to download.

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Antan5914d ago

Very quick! technically not bad, 60fps and zero slowdown noticed. No antialiasing but not that big and issue as the speed you move around your not going to be seeing a great deal !!!! Overall the gfx are very colourful and vibrant throughout!! However, i don`t like the game lol! A very awkward camera doesn`t help, even though you can move around manually and reset it when you want. But at least Microsoft is leading the way with big name demos on live, heres hoping for an Odyssey at some point!!

Hayabusa 1175914d ago

Sux. The game doesn't feel fast enoough, and the camera is very awkard...moving it with the analogue stick is WAY to slow. The gameplay is across between free-froaming and on rails: it just doesn't work.

Sonic Wild Fire is my last hope.

Raz0r3605914d ago

ima try this when i get home

tatical5914d ago

Not to shabby. It's a little easy to fall into the water though, so I had to stop playing lazy. I did noticed some slow down though (after the first rope at the pinball springs).

malachi235914d ago

The game was excellent with good graphics and gameplay...but the views are very very bad and i hope they change before launch.

Sadly i doubt they will...but it's still worth the pruchase imho