GaymerCon Set For The First Ever Gaming Convention for the LGBT Community

GaymerCon, the first ever gaming convention for the LGBT community, is set to take place August 3-4, 2013 in San Francisco, with fundraising efforts for the event beginning with a virtual launch event and Kickstarter.

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Beetey2321d ago

Why do the gays need their own gaming convention?

PopRocks3592321d ago

It isn't like that. They welcome anyone from any minority. They just want to provide a safe environment for gay gamers to express themselves.

LOGICWINS2321d ago

When has E3, Comic-Con, or PAX proven themselves to be "unsafe" places for the gay community? Theres nothing wrong with gay gamers forming their own click, but by doing so, they are further ostracizing themselves from the society that has yet to fully accept them.

Army_of_Darkness2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Since I'm Asian, I want an AsianCon since I can't go all the way to Tokyo for their convention!

hazelamy2321d ago

have you not been paying attention logic?
have you not seen the reaction by most gamers to any gay content?
why would that make any gay, bi or trans person feel welcome?

i don't see how a couple days a year is going to ostracise the LGBT community from the rest of gamers?
the other 363 days they'll be part of the whole gamer community.

and AoD, maybe the asian community could set one up.
it seems to me asians have also been under represented in gaming.

JellyJelly2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

"Why do the gays need their own gaming convention?"

Why do you "need" to play videogames? It's not about need. And what's wrong with diversity? The more gaming conventions the merrier, no matter who it's aimed at.

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TheDivine2321d ago

Im starting a kickstarter for a white male straight gaming convntion, a place where hetero people can celebrate gaming without having to fear persicution from the LBGT croud. All people are welcome of course but its still Anglo-Saxon Hetero Con or ASHC for short. Chip in a few bucks if you can!!!

(I was debating going with Arian Woman Loving Straignt Male Gaming Fans or FPS Fans for short but it wasnt as catchy.)

hazelamy2321d ago

yeah, because the heterosexual community has a long history of persecution by the LGBT community.

yeah, people were getting banned from live for announcing they were hetero all the time.

and you still can't use the word straight on the xbox forums can you?

and you can't go five minutes on any online service without 12 year old kids calling everybody breeders.

end sarcasm.

Deadpool6162321d ago

Never underestimate what you'll here online. I was once berated by some guy because I wear glasses.

Which is why I'm hosting the first GWWG CON. "Gamers Who Wear Glasses" Convention. For everyone who wears glasses won't be called "Four Eyes" by people who have "normal" eyesight.

Fullmetalevolust2321d ago

If the desire to have a gaymer convention didn't exist, then there wouldn't be one.
For whatever reasons they have come up with, they wish to gather among gaymers and have their own convention to celebrate LGBT aspects in gaming.
People are comfortable where they feel welcome, that's my basic understanding of that convention.
Perhaps they want to play online without hearing the word "fag" or "faggot" every 5 seconds (largely exaggerated, I know). Live and let live.

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