WWE: All Stars Will Not Continue As A “Gaming Franchise”

Don’t expect to see anymore of the 2011 arcade-style WWE game. WWE has stated that they won’t make a franchise out of it.

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secretcode2321d ago

So the best wrestling game in nearly 10 years is being tossed aside and forgotten about. Great. :(

Magic_Spatula2321d ago

THQ has made some really dumb decisions this gen. No surprise that they're in the position that they're in right now.

iXenon2321d ago

Seems like WWE's decision

ChunkyLover532321d ago

This was a good game, sucks they wont be adding to it in the future.

Skate-AK2321d ago

Haha wow. THQ is pullin some seppuku.

iXenon2321d ago

It seems as though it's WWE's call

Skate-AK2321d ago

But THQ holds the license so couldn't they make any wrestling game they want?

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