Amazing Posters For Video Game Movies That Don't Exist

BF writes: "Why would you taunt us like this?"

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user54670072363d ago

Nathan Fillion...

Put Nolan North there instead and it would be the perfect Uncharted poster.

Jeez I think people forget that Nolan could play Drake in an Uncharted film if they picked him.

Paragon2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Elena should be played by her Voice Actor. She looks JUST like who she plays. THAT should be a given!

user54670072363d ago

Hell even Richard could play Sully...

Give him some hair and a moustache and were good to go.

310dodo2363d ago

I completely agree with you

Richard could play sully!

brettyd2363d ago

Cillian Murphy in AC.. Nice!

Necrom4522363d ago

Nathan fillion is to old to play drake get some body younger drake is in his 20s

SeanScythe2363d ago

Although most will disagree Nolan is to old to play Nathan Drake sadly. But I think Ryan Reynolds would make a good Nathan Drake. He has the wittyness needed and the look. Even Nolan North said he would do a good job, Nolan did the voice for Ryan in Wolverine game and in the new Deadpool game. He said it would be fitting for Ryan to do his character in an Uncharted Movie.

IronFrogMan2363d ago

I think Fillion would have been a good candidate back in the early days of Firefly but now not so sure.

MidnytRain2363d ago

I like how they're all facing the same direction. Also, "Revenge is the only thing on his mind."... That needs some work... Plus, Fillion is just too old looking.

SeanScythe2363d ago

Brad Pitt in RDR? No thanks, give me a realistic cowboy.

Chris5582363d ago

Wow are you kidding me? Jesse James motherf*cker Brad is badass cowboy

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