President of EA, Frank Gibeau, to discuss next-gen in keynote speech at gamescom

"A press release from EA today has announced that the president of the company will deliver the keynote speech at gamescom, the German gaming expo set to take place from August 15-19."

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ABizzel12321d ago

We already know about Frostbite engine, what else is there.

New game announcements / demonstrations.

nrvalleytime2320d ago

The announcement mentions digital gaming - that's huge. EA moving into what's most likely cloud based gaming is an interesting, and potentially highly profitable, move for the company.

2320d ago
ChunkyLover532320d ago

They cant mention PS4 or Xbox 720, they might be able to hint and use the term "next generation", but they have signed confidentiality agreements with Sony and Microsoft and they obviously wont be talking about either of those companies when it comes to next gen.

nrvalleytime2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

In regards to hardware, yes. Confidentiality is a hindrance there.

But software? They can discuss all they like.

ChunkyLover532320d ago

They cant say if it'll be on the PS4 or 720 though, they cant run it on stage on those consoles. It is kind of the situation Watchdogs was going through at E3, high end PC running next gen games.

yabhero2320d ago

Could be more WiiU announcements...