Four Campaign Video Preview - Resident Evil 6 | IGN

IGN: Capcom has given us its vision for its four separate Resident Evil 6 campaigns and we've played them.

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FinaLXiii2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Four campaigns in this day and age sounds very interesting.
Leons and Ada´s campaign seems enough for me as fan of the older ones.

Resident Evil 6 still might not appeal most fans tough but i personaly think it seems much better than RE5 in everything. [mostly because of the latest footage]

Now waiting for reviews later this year and see what´s the outcome.

Captain Qwark 92267d ago

im gonna but it day 1. ive always loved resident evil and even though 5 was the worst one imo, it was still a great game. im sure this will be too

ABizzel12267d ago

I think the campaigns are going to be 4 - 6 hours long each which is fine IMO. That's still 16 hours of gameplay.

BABY-JEDI2267d ago

It really couldn't be any worse than RE5.. Really. It's an interesting approach by Capcom, but I think it really says that they don't really know how to move the franchise forward. I liked the old resi's because you felt vurnerable.. But now it's all steroids & superheroes.
Really, I think they need to re-boot the series back to reality. The story in the series has lost its mystery & has turned into a ridiculous soap. : (

VverdugovV2267d ago

Can't believe that this is all coming on the same disk! Capcom, you suprised me!

DivineAssault 2267d ago

Its looking better & better.. Ada Wong having an entire campaign is awesome.. As long as the game is lengthy & fun, im going to buy it day 1.. Capcom has to show the industry who & why they are KING of the survival horror franchise.. Wheres Jill & Claire??

BABY-JEDI2267d ago

Earth calling Divine Assault, come in Divine Assault (rolls eyes in dis-belief) LoL..
They were the best, but that was a very long time ago, sadly to say...

DivineAssault 2267d ago

i have yet to play a bad RE evil game... There isnt a single game in the genre thats better

BABY-JEDI2265d ago

RE5 was an action game IMO. Best survival &real horror was Silent Hill 2, now that gave me nightmares.. That to me should be the present-day def of survival horror. I literally walked through RE5 & the zombie/infected soldiers???? Just killed it for me. : (

user54670072267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

lol...are people actually falling for this

4 campaigns is no big deal, it's obvious that the campaigns are going to be really short. This is Capcom man...are people forgetting that.

I'm surprized they've made it look even more like a generic third person shooter...who knew

mananimal2266d ago

& to top it all off, you got 7 who disagree(Yet didnt have the Cajoles to attach a name + comment along with it, lol) with your asessment which was dead on in my imo. " The Campaigns MAY BE SHORTER in LENGTH" , But Im not picking on Capcom per say. . If your a gamer & have been for at least this Gen, which Started around 2005(I think), w/o it even being said, "your ALREADY Thinking the campaigns might possibly be shorter than the normal RE Campaign, lets not stick are heads in the sand & pretend we're stupid all of a sudden, We Know how things "usually play out" ......

One more time: The 4 Campaigns!!! MAY BE SHORTER!!! , We'll see soon wont we.