XBOX: 10 Best Games To Boost Your Gamerscore

WC writes: There are a bunch of games, usually TV and movie tie-ins that even though they do everything wrong in terms of what makes a quality video game, they are still heavily sought after because they have very easy achievements.
So if increasing your Gamerscore is your main goal in life or if you just want to quickly boost your score by playing games that won’t require you to devote your life to sitting in-front of the TV with a controller in your hand, follow this guide to the 10 best games to boost your Xbox Gamerscore.

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ado9082271d ago

What do you know the 10 best games to boost your gamerscore are also the crapiest.

sak5002270d ago

For Prison break his comments: " after about 8 hours and a couple of playthroughs, you will have the full 1000 points."

So how come it's easy?

Rest i've already played except for one or 2

Zichu2270d ago

I wouldn't want to play terrible games to increase a number. I do like collecting achievements, but why spend your money on a terrible game when you could buy a better game, enjoy it more and still get the achievements even if it takes you a little longer or a little more effort.

The only game on that list I would get would be King Kong, I played it on the PS2 when it was released and I enjoyed it, the rest of them you can forget it.