DmC: Devil May Cry – Silencing The Haters

X360: DmC: Devil May Cry didn’t win any fans when Capcom announced it, but after months of them crying, Ninja Theory has silenced the critics…

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Dailynch2320d ago

People should really wait until they see more of a game before jumping to conclusions. This is looking awesome!

Elda2320d ago

I absolutely agree,this game looks very interesting & fun,I can't wait to play!Let the haters hate!!

Hicken2320d ago

I'm not silenced yet, I'm sorry to say(well, I don't know if I'm sorry or not...).

The game DOES look good, and I think it'll be good. But it STILL does not look like Devil May Cry. The so-called "haters" are upset because of that, and as that hasn't changed, I doubt they've been silenced...

Elda2320d ago

It's good to see some positive comments about DMC & that some people may give this game a try instead of ripping it apart before even trying to play it like alot of people have been doing which I personally think is ignorant but that's my opinion.