Playground Games on Forza Horizon

Edge: "How the team that built Dirt and Grid left Codemasters and won one of racing’s prize series."

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EVILDEAD3602272d ago

Great article..

Always wanted to know how Playground games ended up with that much talent.

Really look forward to this gem that Forza Horizon is turning out to be.


Sucitta2272d ago

if it's anything like the previous forzas, I'll pass.

one of the greatest mysteries of the world is how people enjoy forza..

I'll get suspended for saying anything negative about forza, so far 3 suspensions for 3 comments on this massively over rated racing series..

TheKayle2272d ago

its clear that u dont play racing games

Skate-AK2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Well this one is gonna be more arcade than simulation.

Sucitta2272d ago

I race for hobby, in the real world.. forza feels nothing like racing.

did anyone try shift? at least it feels like your in a car, racing.

Lvl_up_gamer2272d ago

@ Sucitta

If you truly raced as a hobby, then you would know that NOTHING on computers or consoles feels like racing in the real world.

Because you seem to be only attacking the Forza IP and yet give shift a shout out clearly shows you know nothing regarding the racing world, sims and highly reviewed racing IP's for the gaming community.