A Gamer’s Perspective — Less Is More

An opinion piece which asks gamers to calm it down because sometimes too much gaming isn't a good thing.

Quote: "I’ve always liked pancakes. So much so that whenever my mom whipped up a batch of batter, I would muster up every shred of charm I could find, don my Headband of Alluring Charisma and put my utmost into convincing her that she had worked so hard already, and why doesn’t she take a break and let me cook (fry? Who knows) the pancakes for a change? When I was successful in this line of persuasion, my first act as Spatula Master would be to implement my policy of ‘One out, one down’ pancake distribution. One out to the peasantry (my mom/brother/dog – whoever was ‘next in line’ for one of the doughy delights) and one down my pie-hole. Even with schemes like the aforementioned designed to maximise the amount of pancakage coming my way (there were others, don’t you worry), the margin of error of these schemes meant that I inevitably had to share the pancakes. This coupled with my pubertal metabolism and resulting insatiable appetite dictated that I was never truly able to eat my fill – and thus was always left wanting more pancakes."

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