Wired Review: Zombie Game Deadlight Has No Brains

The problem with Deadlight isn’t that it’s a zombie game in 2012. The problem isn’t that it’s a side-scrolling adventure, although there are far too many of those, too.

The real problem with Deadlight, to be released Wednesday on Xbox 360, is that it doesn’t aspire to be anything more than “just another zombie game” or “just another side-scrolling adventure game.” Not a single piece of it will surprise you. You’ve seen it all before, but here it is again in a slightly repackaged way.

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Dread2270d ago

loving the game so far.

but i heard that the game falters during its second half.

Primalfear2270d ago

This game is fun as hell.

Chuk52270d ago

I decided not get the game.

Instead I decided to get the walking dead episode 1.

That might have been the best decision I made all year, because the Walking Dead so far is my favourite game this year.

Ramas2270d ago

mine too, only difference that i bought it from day one all package, you are kinda late :)

Chuk52270d ago

Well in fairness, I don`t really like adventure games. but I am really enjoying myself with this game. Rolling on to episode II soon.

JAM_brz2270d ago

Next week available for free for PS Plus members. Great!

PersonMan2270d ago

What's wrong with playing a game that is similar to other games? I wish there were more games like Limbo, but sadly, if I wanna play a Limbo-like game, I only have 1 choice... LIMBO. I've played Limbo all the way through 3 times now and there's nothing surprising about it anymore. I need a Limbo 2 or Limbo DLC that adds more levels.