The Changing Voice Of Lara Croft

Before Nathan Drake had even associated himself with Sir Francis, Lara was raiding tombs, being sassy and doing her best to backflip, shoot and running-jump-and-grab her way to to the top of the archaeologist charts.
Zero1gaming writes:

Throughout the games, Lara’s appearance has changed dramatically. Her triangular breasts were rounded and softened, her hair bun became a french plait, then a ponytail, and her movement became more fluid and “realistic”. But it wasn’t only her appearance that has changed throughout the ten games, it was also her voice, and in the 11th game in the franchise, simply calling itself Tomb Raider, we have another actress stepping up to the role. So lets take a look at the actresses that have portrayed the heroine, and get to know the latest addition to the roster.

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