Need For Speed: Most Wanted is How Open-World Racing Should Be


Criterion doesn’t make sequels to other people’s games. They’re quite emphatic about that. Hot Pursuit wasn’t a follow-up to any other Need for Speed, but rather Criterion’s personal take on the theme. Need for Speed: Most Wanted shares its name with another game in this genre-spanning racing brand, but the interpretation is all Criterion’s own. It does feel a bit like a sequel, though, in some ways – not to any of EA’s previous NFS games, but to the developer’s 2008 open-world racer Burnout Paradise.

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Psychotica2272d ago

Really looking forward to this...

SnotyTheRocket2272d ago

Spirit Successor to Burnout Paradise? I'm in.

310dodo2272d ago

Id like to hand them some cash for this game
but it comes out between so many others


GhostHero3332272d ago

I hope the PS VITA is exactly like the console versions. With slightly downgraded resolution of course. But still want it to look really good with good FPS.

Montrealien2272d ago

It was, or it will be? Title is confusing to me, NFS MW was a great open world racer or it will be. I think...

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