Ngmoco: Nintendo still have “killer franchises”

Nintendo Insider writes:

Nintendo have “killer franchises,” but still needs to ensure that consumers diversify away from them.

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maniacmayhem2321d ago

Definitely the most recognizable and beloved.

quantae062321d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles, Metroid, Last Story, Sin & Punishment & now Fatal Frame is owned by Nintendo.

yabhero2320d ago

And Zelda, Super Smash, Kirby, StarFox and even some good downloads like Pushmo, Muntant
Mudds, Dillion's
Don't forget Kid Icarus... That was EPIC on 3DS

2321d ago
CouldHaveYelledUiiW2321d ago

^1UP "Intelligent" *SMB MIDI Chime*

I totally Agree!
I want a sequel for the WiiU.

Think about Asymmetrical on the Fire Emblem...

In Fact, Fire Emblem would make a great Dungeons and Dragons game system.

>A DM/GM could use texture-blocks to make campaign settings, could make enemies, set the enemies, and add text and story.

Then allow the players to play through it, whilst the DM/GM could change the tactics/move units in his senario on the fly.

remanutd552321d ago

well where are they? Show me the killer franchises Nintendo and believe me, you will win me back once again. But as of right now my gaming time belongs to sony, hopefully next gen i get to play a lot more on wiiU than i ever did on the Wii.

Puddlejumper752321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

They are on the Wii and DS duh. That was a silly question. Of course when you said Sony I knew the truth. Just another hater looking to hate on anything that isnt Sony.

Fire Emblem,Kid Icarus, SSB,Mario, Zelda,Last Story, Xenoblade,etc. I could go on but we both know its a waste of time. Whatever I post you will simply dismiss because it isnt Sony.

I bet if I looked into it you'd have posted about the SSB clone Sony has coming out and how great it will be but of course the Nintendo version thats been around longer some how wont be good enough.

Yeah your post history backs up my original opinion. You posted once about buying a PS3 at launch for games that werent even announced yet but you cant buy a Wii U without a ton of games right from the start. oh and most of Nintendos franchises are complete crap except Mario who just doesnt appeal to you.yet you are falling over yourself for games on PS3 that might be complete crap but since they carry the Sony name they must be AAA must own exclusives.

remanutd552321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Zelda is the only game i have kept playing for generations from Nintendo, i will need to check out Xenoblade when i get the WiiU and i didnt really undertand your comment about SSB and PSABR, i dont see what was the point of that comment at all.

Zelda yessssssss, rest of them nooooooo ( well as i said before i will check Xenobalde out ) because of the lackluster WiiU launch line up, after i finish ZombiU i will play Zelda Skyward Sword and i will try Xenoblade until i see an appealing wiiu game.

and no im not a hater, im a long time nintendo fan that grew tired of playing the same games generation over generation, i want new appealing experiences, dont get too sensitive please, its just my opinion.

listen kid Nintendo let me down with the Wii, Sony on the other hand provided me with a lot of entertainment with the ps3 so yea they have earned my ps4 investment, nintendo i have to be very careful because i dont want the same casual crap as this gen but as i said before i will make the investment because ZombiU looks decent then i will most likely play 2 wii games and then i will wait to see an appealing new WiiU exclusive game, whats wrong with what im saying? its just my experience with Ninty if you have a different one then good but mine hasnt been pleasant this gen.

Puddlejumper752321d ago

" i want new appealing experiences, dont get too sensitive please, its just my opinion."
Yet the one thing you post the most about is the 4th Motorstorm in what 6 years?

Thanks for calling me kid too.At 37 I dont hear that at all any more. I'm guessing you must be pushing 60 if I'm a kid to you. LMAO.

Okay I'd also like to point out how you didnt seem to know about Xenoblade. That is kinda odd for someone who claims to be a Nintendo gamer. I'm a PC gamer and I know about it. I don't own a PS3 but I know the games coming for it. It's just puzzling that someone who isnt a fan would know more than someone who is.

I think I pretty much proved my point.

remanutd552321d ago

well i thought you were a kid by the response of your comment, didnt i said nintendo disappointed me this gen? i dont comment, i dont look forward to, i dont pay attention to things that dont interest me, im here commenting because im interested in the wiiU otherwise i wouldnt be reading about it or commenting about it.

After i played Zelda Twilight Princess and waited for a long time to see another appealing game ( that never appeared) i decided to give my wii away and then i stopped paying attention to its games, it was a total disappointment, I REPEAT TOTAL disappointment.

and yes i want a new Motorstorm game on the ps4, as a matter of fact i would buy a ps4 at launch date if Motorstorm is part of it in a heartbeat, imagine i have been playing Zelda generation over generation over generation over generation over generation, thing is Motorstorm is just one reason to get the system, sony released the ps3 with a New IP as flagship title, the second sony title was another New IP ( which i totally love ) Motorstorm, then Lair, Heavenly Sword, Folklore then came Ratchet and Clank ( ps2 franchise) so going by that then i have hopes for sony to release New IPs early in the ps4 lifecycle and of course praying for another Motorstorm game. imagine besides ZombiU the other wiiU game im looking forward to is Zelda, imagine that, after all these years i still love the franchise.

ronin4life2321d ago

*Tunes out between Puddles 1st comment and remanut's 2nd*

Kids, settle down...^_^;;
@[email protected];;;;;

schlanz2321d ago

If you don't like Nintendo games then you are buying their systems for the wrong reasons.

Personally I play my PS3 more than my Wii, but I play just about every Nintendo published or developed game and manage to enjoy pretty much all of them. It's your fault for giving away your Wii because it sounds like you don't even really know its library at all. I have about twice as many PS3 games (85+) as Wii games but there are definitely enough great games there to justify its place by my TV.

Some of my favorite Wii games: SSBB, Xenoblade, Zack and Wiki, Mario Galaxies, DK Country Returns, Metroid Prime 3, Muramasa, Sin and Punishment, and Skyward Sword

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