360 to crack Japan - Xbox boss

With PlayStation 3 looming, its performance so far has hardly been auspicious - but Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui believes that Microsoft's efforts with 360 in the Far East will finally come to fruition this holiday.

While the bulk of media and consumer attention at last week's Tokyo Game Show was focused on an overwhelmed Sony stand, Sensui insisted that his struggling platform was finally receiving the content to match the value proposition to turn around Microsoft's fortunes in a territory which has thus far largely shrugged at a console the West has embraced.

"Japanese consumers are somewhat reluctant to take in new brands, particularly if the brand has come from outside Japan," Sensui told in an exclusive interview during last week's event.

"We've been here for several years now and we've launched a new campaign this summer for 360. The response has been very positive - people now feel they're very close to 360, that it's more relevant to their lives and particularly for gamers that Xbox 360 is the best platform there is."

Key to Microsoft's optimism this holiday is a triumvirate of 360-exclusive titles, spearheaded by Mistwalker's hotly-tipped RPG Blue Dragon and including Capcom's Lost Planet and Tecmo's Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2.

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Antan5916d ago

Lets hope sales increase after a good TGS.

silent ninja5916d ago

they said the same thing last year and look where they are now

Dusk5916d ago

Last year they didn't have games that Japanese gamers would want to play. That's a huge difference. Will the 360 take off in Japan? Who knows, but it definately won't go anywhere without games Japanese gamers like to play. The interest shown to a few of the 360's games at TGS shows that there could be a higher interest level in the 360 itself if it offered the right games. This new approach by MS is the right one.

kewlkat0075916d ago (Edited 5916d ago )

What a surprise Haha and Zoidy voted lame, what else is new. I guess there is hope for MS. It takes time to penetrate the japanese market. American Video games and consoles never really did well there. The Xbox360 must have a different face in japan. The 360's strategy must be very different from what it is here in the states.

Just like nintendo's consoles have different names, which appeals to different markets at home and abroad. I think slowly, and with the help of developers the consumers will be more confident in console that will be able to deliver games they wanna play. Lack of japanese development support, is why I think MS has not done so well. I think TGS did help MS in that area showing off some great looking titles thatmight and should appeal to the japanese market, aswell as abroad. People say that 2 RPG's is not enough but there is alot more japanese developed games coming to the 360 at the end of this year and next, as opposed to a year ago folks.

I remember what Final fantasy VII did to me back in 1997. Best game I've played that involved breakthrough visuals for the PSone, involved gameplay, storyline and Music soundtrack. So never say never about breakthrough RPGs.

Like I said it always comes down to games. Nintendo doesn't have the best graphics but it still does well over there, so this not to so much about the power and graphics but more game developers need to well "jump in". I Think the developers might be testing the waters before they actually do.

Marriot VP5916d ago

I know people are saying NEVER, but eventually with enough killer titles like lost odyssey and blue dragon people will jump in.

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