The Best Part of Borderlands 2 Isn't Even On The Disc

Anxiously awaiting the release of Borderlands 2 on September 18th, Cassidee from shares her thoughts on the Mechromancer DLC and how it might be the coolest character class in the game.

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AztecFalcon2266d ago

She looks really cool but I've always liked to play as Lilith and will be checking her out first.

BiggCMan2266d ago

I can't stand Lilith, she's so boring. I have all 4 characters at level 69, and I've studied all 4 of them extensively, she's the worst of all 4 of them. Her action skill is useless except for healing yourself, but you can't do anything good while your in it. Her skill tree doesn't tailor to my style of play which is fast and powerful guns. From the hundreds of hours I put into this game, Roland is the best of all the characters. His mods are my favorite, and his skill tree is an absolute beast. I can even make the slowest guns in the game, like a 0.5 fire rate sniper rifle, and shoot them much faster. I hate slow fire rate guns, and they are often the most powerful as well.

However in Borderlands 2, the new Siren looks to be my favorite already just from the trailers, they did so much work with her definitely, and no longer looks boring. I love all the new skills with her energy.

wallis2266d ago

The WORST part of Lilith was the skill that gave you an area of effect for elemental whenever you took damager. Barrels exploded around you, often killing you behind cover, and it made swarming enemies (as in nearly bloody all of them) die like flies around you taking away the twitch shooting challenge.

ABizzel12266d ago

So add her to my 60+ hour game. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO B2 Day 1.