I'd Rather Have Saint's Row 4 Than GTA 5

Ever the fan of open-world, gang-based games, Blake from shares his thoughts on the upcoming GTA 5 and how he'd rather see a fourth Saint's Row.

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xflo3602358d ago

saints row 3 gave us a truck load of things to play around with but the maps were near empty of npc's and cars on the roads and as such was inferior to saints 2!
cant wait for gta5 looking epic!

victoryscreeeeeech2358d ago

I had a lot of fun playing saints row 3 with my friend In the Co op campaign. I also had a lot of fun playing gta 4 singleplayer. I think both games can Co exist and this is really a matter of preference for the gamer

Whitefeather2358d ago

I would not thank you very much. I enjoyed Saints Row 3 then I put it on the shelf and never touched it again after finishing the DLC. GTAIV I have on my HDD and I play whenever I'm bored as it is fantastic.

310dodo2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Saints Row 2 is still the best ever. I can still play that game for hours.
Part 3 was really awful. small world. no customization really.

But GTA is on another level.
GTA 4 you feel like a mafioso

crimsonfox2358d ago

The first line from the second paragraph.
"GTA V is going to be nothing short of amazing"
After this he doesn't even talk about why he'd rather have a new Saints Row. He just gives his opinion on GTA IV then proceeds to praise Saints Row the third. I do not agree with his opinion at all. I Pre-ordered Saints Row the third after watching the trailer to GTA V to fill the void in my soul haha. When i picked it up and put it in to play i remembered right away why i didn't like Saints Row. The humor was awful and the missions were absurd and game play fell flat, My favorite game of the genre has been San Andreas since it came out. I know the missions and some characters we're way out there but the humor is great the pacing was fantastic. While playing Saints Row the third i imagine that's what A.D.D. felt like. GTA IV although not my new favorite GTA game, was great and different which was something i appreciate because they switched it up unlike some titles who don't "fix what ain't broken" R* always does their best o try and release new exciting things so I'll be waiting for GTA V and ignoring Saints Row 4 thank you.

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