Gamescom 2012: Excitement, expectations and hopes for... Sony

Tom at El33tonline writes:

"Europe has always been an important territory for the PlayStation brand and one in which it has thrived. Sony’s commitment to gamescom 2012 further cements this fact and it will be very interesting to see how the crowds respond to the platform holder’s line-up of titles for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Network and PS Vita."

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remanutd552321d ago

Excitement: PSVITA
Expectations: PSVITA games
Hopes: PSVITA new IPs, price drop, new games
did i mention i want the conference to focus heavily on the vita?

Xof2321d ago

At this point, I'd be happy to see even the smallest bit of focus on the Vita.

Honestly, it's beginning to feel like Sony has completely forgotten about it.

remanutd552321d ago

i agree but i think Vita will have very good Gamescon and TGS shows

NastyLeftHook02321d ago

An Exclusive battlefield game vs an exclusive call of duty game for the vita would make it blast off!

brettyd2321d ago

I think the Vita needs a good multiplayer game. A Battlefield or SOCOM game on Vita would be killer.

Gamesgbkiller2321d ago

The same things we thought about it in last E3
but it was not :(
I hope its not like it at all :)

Omar912321d ago

I won't be to worried yet. If this year ends and we have no new announcements or anything to look forward to then thats when I'll be worried

ado9082321d ago

I'm the only one who wants them announcing more PS3 exclusives?

NoGunz2321d ago

If Sony don't have a huge focus on the Vita at Gamescom AND TGS, then it's dead.

dubt722321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Sony is the greatest! Oops, I meant Soni, as in World Record Holder Rebecca Soni of Team USA!
Go Xbox!

dubt722321d ago

I don't know why with the disagrees. She really is awesome!

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