Super Mario Brothers World 1-1 in LEGO

DSOGaming writes: "If there is one think we love about gaming, it is inspiration. And innovation. And mind-blowing graphics. And new gameplay mechanics. Oh, bummer. But anyway, since we're waiting for EA's Summer Conference and John Carmack's keynotes in this year's QuakeCon, we felt the need to share with you this awesome LEGO video."

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LightSamus2266d ago

Interesting video, but not LEGO.

TopDudeMan2266d ago

It looks to have been simulated on some sort of lego design programme. Look closer. They are made of lego bricks

Fishy Fingers2266d ago

"They said it could never be done, and that we'd be crazy to try. Well we certainly showed them (whoever they are). Here it is, a video of the first level of Nintendo's classic Super Mario Brothers (World 1-1), made entirely out of LEGO*! *(LEGO compatible that is, it could be any toy brick right?)"

1nsomniac2266d ago

Yea, thats rubbish! just looks like normal mario with a 3D shader applied.