Why new PEGI age guidance is a good thing for videogames

The Independent: "The latest PEGI rating system might just be the tonic the gaming industry needs to start being taken seriously."

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AtomicGerbil2272d ago

This isn't going to make the slightest difference. How long have ratings been displayed on boxes? At least ten years I'd say (BBFC), which is about the same amount of time they have been ignored. You won't change a thing by saying they'll be enforced because everyone and their dog knows there won't be any enforcement.

The law can't deal with persistent criminals so it's hardly likely to deal with little Johnny playing CoD.

Baka-akaB2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

You are right , it only puts stores in a liable position , while they just can't refuse to sell the same stuff as their rivals .

I dont know about other countries , but you wont see a store refusing to sell tobacco and alcohol to minors much , while everyonce in a well one or two will get sued for doing just like the others .
it's too convenient , a tiny store will get pinched by the authories , after being snitched upon , while supermarket do the same thing freely

If at least there was an incentive to prevent loss from ditching bad selling habits , or if at least EVERY STORE was treated the same , then it would make sense

Baka-akaB2272d ago

I just wish they at least include reversible covers without any ratings or ugly dlc/demo included inside logos .

If i can't even get a pretty looking art without stains on it , might as well only buy digital stuff

Saryk2272d ago

This is about a useful as the hair around my asshole!

iamnsuperman2272d ago

I really do not understand the big deal about this. I have been ID for a 12 game when I was 14 (long time ago now) in Asda. I defiantly couldn't go into my local shop and buy an 18 when I was under age. It wasn't hard to understand the suitability of a game when there are age appropriate ratings on the box. Parents just have to say no. It seems a bit like the whole porn thing. How parents complain about porn being accessible and want the government to do something about it when all they need to do is not put their child in front of the computer screen and call it parenting and put parent control on their computer (not exactly rocket science).

It seems everyone is making a big deal out of nothing really