Mass Effect announcement & FIFA 13 gameplay demo tonight

BioWare has teased an imminent Mass Effect announcement ahead of tonight's Summer Showcase event.

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showtimefolks2358d ago

I hope they announce some meaningful single player dlc

PopRocks3592357d ago

Personally I'm hoping the game comes with a voucher for a downloadable copy of one or both of the earlier Mass Effect games with all of the DLC.

Yeah, I know, not happening. But hey, guys can dream, right?

TronEOL2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Ooooo, I'm aching for anything Mass Effect related. I don't care what it is, more (meaningful) MP DLC, some fantastic story DLC (please let me take back omega) or a new game. I'll be watching.

trolldoll20102358d ago

wonder what it will be . im guessing, either news about the movie, a new dlc expansion, mass effect 4 or mass effect online , it has to be one of them as the above poster said . anything mass effect releated is worth looking out for, how do i watch this though online ??

Xyle2357d ago

I can only imagine what it will be. Hopefully some meaningful dlc that isn't just tacked on like most dlcs in the past. Like maybe make a different ending if you do said dlc correctly? Just hope it's not like something we have already seen before

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