Mass Effect announcement & FIFA 13 gameplay demo tonight

BioWare has teased an imminent Mass Effect announcement ahead of tonight's Summer Showcase event.

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showtimefolks4366d ago

I hope they announce some meaningful single player dlc

PopRocks3594366d ago

Personally I'm hoping the game comes with a voucher for a downloadable copy of one or both of the earlier Mass Effect games with all of the DLC.

Yeah, I know, not happening. But hey, guys can dream, right?

TronEOL4366d ago (Edited 4366d ago )

Ooooo, I'm aching for anything Mass Effect related. I don't care what it is, more (meaningful) MP DLC, some fantastic story DLC (please let me take back omega) or a new game. I'll be watching.

trolldoll20104366d ago

wonder what it will be . im guessing, either news about the movie, a new dlc expansion, mass effect 4 or mass effect online , it has to be one of them as the above poster said . anything mass effect releated is worth looking out for, how do i watch this though online ??

Xyle4366d ago

I can only imagine what it will be. Hopefully some meaningful dlc that isn't just tacked on like most dlcs in the past. Like maybe make a different ending if you do said dlc correctly? Just hope it's not like something we have already seen before

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Mass Effect 3's Ending for Javik Misses the Forest for the Trees

Based on one narratively fitting ending in Mass Effect 3, Prothean squadmate Javik is highly unlikely to return in the next Mass Effect game.

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anast133d ago

He was one of my least favorite characters. I wish they would have done the Proths different.


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Mass Effect 3 remade and remastered in gigantic mod for Bioware’s RPG

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