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SandWitch2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

It actually looks as good as the next-gen FIFA Football on PS Vita

dcbronco2268d ago

I think you should look at the close in screens more.

Teaber2268d ago

Screens look great. And lets not talk about the vita lol.

Gemmol2268d ago

It looks great, and @dcbronco right, I think @GynGa need to look again

psvita_JG2268d ago

I think it will be better on PS3 and xbox. Whats the point in buying a Wii U if you have a PS3 because they are basicly the same. And the new ps3 and xbox will be coming soon. I also prefer to have a vita over the wii u. The normal wii and ds were good but i dont like this as it is very late into next gen.

Rockoman162268d ago

The new ps3?, i'm confused lol

PygmelionHunter2268d ago

I guess it's for people who are already buying the Wii U for another reason and having a pretty looking version of FIFA13 is a plus. I may be one of those people, still on the fence because I don't know if the game will have street mode.

ChunkyLover532268d ago

The point is that Nintendo hasn't been able to get 3rd party games that match up to the games on PS3/Xbox 360, Nintendo has promised that the Wii U will get 3rd party support. If they can get games like Grand Theft Auto, Dead Space and Mass Effect, then they have a great chance of staying in the top spot next generation.

The next Xbox and PlayStation consoles haven't even been announced yet, we know absolutely nothing about them. The Wii U actually comes out this year, its the first next generation console, and people will want games on it.

When I bought my first Xbox 360 at launch in 2005, I bought Madden for it, sure Madden was out on PS2 and the original Xbox as well, but I just bought a new console and wanted something to play on it, the same thing will happen for the Wii U.

darkgod2268d ago

the heck kind of logic was that 0.0....

Gemmol2268d ago

The whole point in buying a system is for future release, so in mean time you can pick up any game you want......just like when 360 and ps3 came out they had the same games ps2 had. The games at the time did not have the big graphics that the ps3 and 360 currently have, but it still did not bother people because they know in the future release it will be worth it

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Straightupbeastly2268d ago

It looks good. It looks more crisp than ps3 and 360 FIFA games

2268d ago
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