Best Story Ever: Portal 2

1up - For some weird reason, I think I need to say this up front: Portal 2 is not the best game ever. In fact, I think the game portion of Valve's sequel feels unnecessary. The original Portal presented a succinct yet satisfying experience; one where Valve assembled a weird world full of test chambers and perilous traps, and then brought it to a satisfying close in a mere four hours. The fact that Portal even had a story floored me at the time, but when the credits rolled, and the memorable tune called Still Alive quietly came to a close, I stepped away from the game completely satisfied with my brief experience.

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Fil1012321d ago

I loved every second of it the only bad thing is i've lent it to my m8 who has had it for sbout 5 months now. apparently he cant get enough either oh and and i'd love to see a hd remake of the orange box to buy on psn.

Pandamobile2321d ago

...HD remake of the Orange Box? Is it that bad on PS3?

Fil1012321d ago

lol no not realy I just loved the game so much and to be fair when it did release on ps3 the tech was quite old