Gamedaily: Savage 2: A Tortured Soul Review

Gamedaily writes, the original Savage: The Battle for Newerth took a major stride in gaming by combining real-time strategy (RTS) elements with first-person shooting (FPS) action before Battlefield 2 adopted the idea. However, the results were a little mixed, given that there was no tutorial and the graphics were a little primitive. Now the developer, S2 Games, takes another big step forward with Savage 2: A Tortured Soul, which is an RTS, FPS and role-playing game (RPG) combined into one enjoyable experience.

Savage 2 takes place in a world that blends technology with fantasy, with humans locked in an eternal battle against a beast horde. Humans use technology and switch between using swords and guns, and eventually work their way up to operating powerful siege tanks. Meanwhile, the beasts use magic and a connection with nature as weapons, ultimately gaining access to giant creatures that wield whole trees as clubs. The two sides are well balanced and match against each other equally, which works out well for the most part, though prolonged stalemates arise every once in a while.

Although Savage 2 still has a few bugs to work out, including the fact that the game crashed on us multiple times, gamers get a ton out of the $29.99 asking price, especially since it comes with free online play. The graphics are on par with the mainstream action games, We would have liked to see one or two more game modes besides the two sides going at it until all buildings are destroyed, but it doesn't take away from Savage 2 being an excellent action game.

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