Tiberium - Exclusive Debut Gameplay Montage

Three minutes of pure gameplay filled with guns, mechs and squads.

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Delt44372d ago

It looks like a multilayer would be really crazy online. I mean looks a really fast paced game could be extremely fun but as far as i under stand it, there is still another year to go on this title. Can't wait to see how it turns out

Delt44372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

sorry double post

Rockwallaby4372d ago

The FPS market is getting pretty crowded I'm still playing COD4 I think I'll focus on the blockbuster FPS from now on (KILLZONE, RES2, HAZE)

XboxOZ3604372d ago

You'll have a while to wait on Haze, as it's been pushed back again, with no date set yet for its release . . .

This game is based around the C&C Universe, and story line - loosely - but is a new game from the ground up, and has been "in-the-works" now for around 2 years or so, with still a little while off before release. So don't judge it too harshly, as a huge amount of spit-n-polish is done in the last month of a games life, rather that within the first few years.

From the various vids I've seen, it's a damn fine piece of work, and the developers are going all out to make sure it's well worth the wait.