New Heavy Gear Game Announced

Stompy Bot Productions, Inc. ( and Dream Pod 9, Inc. ( have announced the exclusive licensing of Dream Pod 9’s Heavy Gear® franchise for PC, mobile and console 3D gaming to Stompy Bot Productions.

The Heavy Gear® franchise has released dozens of sourcebooks detailing the settings, people, and machines of the Heavy Gear® universe. The first Heavy Gear® computer game, titled Heavy Gear®, saw light in 1997 and its sequel, Heavy Gear® II, was released in 1999. An animated series was also aired in 2001. The Heavy Gear® game line includes an innovative mix of RPG/wargame books, card games, miniatures and other products.

Official Press Release:

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LightofDarkness2320d ago

Sweet! I loved the first two back in the day, they were a pretty sweet alternative to the Mechwarrior games, with more of an action focus.

plmkoh2320d ago