Confirmed: Gamestop/EB discontinue 80GB PS3

PSU Writes:

"*Update: We have contacted Gamestop and found that it is official...Gamestop and EB Games will no longer receive shipments of 80GB PlayStation 3s."

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PStriple7034371d ago

bring on the new sku bundled with rumble!!

NoUseMerc4371d ago

It makes more sense to bring in a larger bundle to fight the Elite. Also if they drop the price on the 40GB it makes it more accessible to people with less money

mintaro4371d ago

are they really bringing an sku with the dualshock3? oh and what model is sony going to use now, ive heard talk about a 160gb sku


this is great news!! particularly for the ones waiting on the sidelines, to play beyond.

several of my friends over the past weeks have gotten ps3s. Now, with the surge of killer games headed our way soon, AND FREQUENTLY + these new bundles...i expect a load of my friends to get their own ps3s.

Im personally hoping to get a ds3w/r in white asap.

NoUseMerc4371d ago

Yep, I got a friend who works at Gamestop and I gave him a call this morning. Turns out its official. Kinda weird though cause I would rather have a 80GB over a 40GB.

I guess it makes more sense though if they bring in a 160GB. Have one for the gamers who need HDD, and then a cheaper one for those who dont have money.

scrillakiller4371d ago

whats about to happen.i hope we get some news from sony soon

Skerj4371d ago

New Sku being speculation my ass, Sony always denies it before doing it. In any case the box for the 80gb DOES say limited edition, or maybe that can just be attributed to the fact that it comes with Motorstorm. In any case I can't wait to see what's in store.

IntelligentAj4371d ago

It will be interesting to see what they do but even more important than the bundle is the pricing. If they get the pricing right then the new Sku will be a boon for Sony.

Staircase4371d ago

I think the limited edition was just meant for the bundle, but interesting either way.

ReBurn4371d ago

There are two completely different motherboard configurations and Sony wants just one. I'm thinking that it is mostly a cost reduction move.

Primetimebt4371d ago

I'm hoping they come out with a bundle that you can pick your own first party game like they do in EU.

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The story is too old to be commented.