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At Microsoft’s Press conference earlier this year, Greg Newbegin remembered watching as Microsoft announce an upcoming Kinect title called Wreckateer. At the time, he was wondering why so much precious conference time was being used up showing off the title (and in some ways he still does), but on seeing it listed as a Winter of Arcade title amongst such highly anticipated titles as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD and Deadlight, he started to think it might be worth a look in…

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Bigpappy2269d ago

Excellent strategy game! You have to execute properly to get the gold. You have to know your amo and concentrate on placement. If it were done with a controller it would still be a good game, but Kinect pulls you deeper in to the game, the way no controller could. You are involved in controlling the shot from the time you put your hands out to grab your amo, until it make impact. This and Fruit Ninja are great Kinect XBLA games. 9/10 for each