New Super Mario Bros. 2 review – a leap too far | Metro

Metro: "A brand new Mario game is always cause for celebration, but does the new coin-grabbing theme of New Super Mario Bros. 2 cut too close to the bone?"

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Y_51502269d ago

This game isn't going for the gold but hey, I'm still really wanting this game even if this game gets 1/10 I'm still sure this is a great new Mario game (for me)! :)

live2play2269d ago

every review says the platforming is top notch
way more challenging than its predecessor
it has more stages than the wii and the ds one

they just dock points because its not ''original''

Campy da Camper2269d ago

Man, the only thing that sucks about having to get rid of my Wii is not being able to play SMBG2. I loved the first. Anyone play the second? Is it worth trying to pick up a Wii on the cheap?

live2play2269d ago

super mario galaxy 2 is by far the superior game

the levels are more creative
using yoshi has never been so fun

i would say just get a wiiu
wii games will be playable and you can also play new games nintendo will dish out

but if you dont have the money then yea, get a cheap wii

2269d ago
DivineAssault 2269d ago

Every world & boss is unique so im buying it.. I didnt care for Mario 3D land because the bosses were cheap except for bowser.. Im sure this game wont blow me away but i know ill have fun going through the levels searching for secrets & fighting the kupalings..