EA 'weren't pleased' with Medal of Honor

Electronic Arts hopes Medal of Honor can be a "sustainable long-term franchise", with the upcoming 'Warfighter' looking to offer an "authentic experience of being in combat".

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shackdaddy2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

I like the look of the new game, but I wish Medal of Honor would go back to its WWII routes. I mean, I'm really getting bored with the modern genre. I miss WWII.

I want to sneak into a German bar again dressed as a Nazi officer or sneak onto a German U-boat inside a crate...

Also, I would love to see how a WWII game would look with FB2 engine graphics.

PoSTedUP2271d ago

i do wish that next generation SOMEONE make another WWII game. i mean we HAVE to have a legit WWII game with sicker graphics and processing power to capture the feel of WWII even further.

MagneticDeath2271d ago

Would love Guerrilla Games to make one, Killzones Helghast were kinda like nazis in space anyways.

SJPFTW2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

"Would love Guerrilla Games to make one"

yahh too bad WWII was not fought in one gigantic corridor lol

WeskerChildReborned2271d ago

Alot of games are modern today.

karlowma2271d ago

And we've come full circle.

Five years ago there was endless bitching about how tired and overused the WWII era was. CoD4 was everyone's savior.

ATi_Elite2271d ago

If WWII is what you want then you may as well play the BEST WWII shooter EVER

Red Orchestra 1 and Red Orchestra 2!!

ATi_Elite2271d ago

Then stop copying every game out and make new genres with quality gameplay!

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amaguli2271d ago

EA should try to do more experimentation with Medal of Honor if they want it to stay relevant. Right now, it's just a lesser version of Battlefield. If they are going to have two games that are way too similar, then they should just put Medal of Honor to rest.

STK0262271d ago

I think they like it that way. They have 2 studios working on 2 franchises that compete with CoD every year. This means CoD is never completely undisputed (sales-wise), but by having 2 franchises, EA can pretend they're not milking as much as Call of Duty, despite both publishers using a similar development cycle.

I hope this year's MoH game will be worth it, as the last one mostly felt like a lesser Call of Duty and its multiplayer component, made by DICE, shouldn't even be compared to BF or the Bad company sub-series.

Brosy2271d ago

I played through Medal of Honor on the 360. It's not much different than Battlefield. I think EA hopes the whole special forces type missions on Medal of Honor are different enough to set the game apart from Battlefield. The game is fun, but it really isn't all that different atleast I don't think it is.

Excalibur2271d ago

E.A., weren't pleased with it either ;)

BludoTheSmelly2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

maybe let these guys do sp for bf4, and let dice focus on mp :)

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The story is too old to be commented.