Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Demo Impressions [GAMINGtruth]

The battle for soccer video game supremacy begins this fall -- but how does the new Pro Evolution Soccer game hold up based on its new demo?

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LouisGarcia2361d ago

I'm hoping this game gives a better showing than last year's.

BelieveinGhosts2361d ago

me too, all they need to do is improve night time graphics

iceman062361d ago

Actually, I am LOVING the demo so far. It really does play well. The gameplay just seems more organic and less panned than FIFA. I might just have to return to my favorite soccer ( rest of the world because I'm American) series.

LouisGarcia2358d ago

It definitely has some gameplay aspects that I find to be way better than what FIFA offers. I agree on the more organic point, too.