Most Underrated Fighting Game Ever- Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring

Despite even featuring main characters from FF7, this game still managed to somehow get shoved under the rug here in America. Take a look at the great and highly underrated fighting game.

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Starfox8112269d ago

In fairness, this game was impossibly hard to find in Europe too. And while it had fantastic characters from Squaresoft games, it wasn't the slickest fighter to play - although it wasn't anywhere near bad.

DrRobotnik2269d ago

I think I played the quest mode more than the actual fighting game. I also remember they had a Mishima character in it to. Supposedly related to Heihachi Mishima. It was weird.

yewles12269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Ken "Godhand" Mishima was supposed to be Heihachi's cousin. Ehrgeiz was originally made by Namco, Dream Factory and Square with the main purpose of being a vehicle for possible new franchise characters. Since it wasn't successful, we haven't seen many of the non-Square characters beyond this game.

Christopher2269d ago

I still own my PS1 copy of this game. It was a good fighter game for its time.

ChipChipperson2269d ago

This really was one of those games where the gameplay was more of an acquired taste. I enjoyed it, BUT yeah, it's hard to defend the gameplay when it was pretty clunky and far from smooth. Fighting Django, the last boss, was just pure hell because breaking the crates that contained the swords you need were such a hassle. It's like the Bouncer though. I really enjoyed the game and branching stories, etc., but the fighting mechanics really could have benefited from more improvement.

chiwoo2269d ago

OMG I am glad people still remember this game. I use to play this game with friends everyday.

karlowma2269d ago

I used to play this a lot with friends when it came out. Was lots of fun. Playing Dissidia brought back memories of Ehrgeiz for me.

Power Stone on Dreamcast put it to shame though.

Phil322269d ago

I rented this back in the day from Blockbuster -- you know, when they were still relevant.

I even used "God Bless the Ring" as a tagline for my Dissidia: Final Fantasy review!

Lord_Sloth2269d ago

I spent years tracking this game down and managed to finally get it about 10 years ago So glad I had found it but I'd say that Evil Zone and Bushido Blade are both better games.

Hicken2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

EVIL ZONE! I remember when I was good at that game. Been a little under a year since I played, but I sucked majorly at it.

I love Ehrgeiz, too. I dunno if I'd say it's underrated, though. I guess if you wanna look at games nobody knows about that way, but anybody who's played it knows how good it is.

Edit: I should say I spent way more time in the RPG part. I miss it. Maybe I'll play it tomorrow, since I'm off work...

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The story is too old to be commented.