European / Others Charts for Week Ending 27th January 2008

VGChartz reports for the European & Others Charts for Week Ending 27th January 2008, is as follows:

Hardware Total:

DSL: 193,534
Wii: 127,864
PS3: 63,370
PSP: 51,502
PS2: 47,236
360: 43,529

UK Totals:

DSL: 48,885
Wii: 45,661
360: 16,751
PS3: 15,273
PSP: 8,682
PS2: 7,080

France Total:

DSL: 38,803
Wii: 33,689
PS3: 12,065
PSP: 7,746
PS2: 4,210
360: 3,390

Germany Total:

DSL: 23,286
Wii: 15,406
PS3: 6,605
PSP: 5,315
PS2: 4,791
360: 1,966

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HarryEtTubMan4374d ago

I'm glad PS3 is selling wayyyy better this year lol

riqued4374d ago


Look at UK's sales, the PS3 is about to pass the 360.

skynidas4374d ago

Wow the DS is huge!!! Good sales for the ps3!!

skynidas4374d ago

Hmmm is interesting how the 360 still outsells the ps3 in the uk and australia...i wonder why? NOTE:Im not being sarcastic or something im really wondering why is this happening

solar4374d ago

its the same as me wondering why the hell handhelds sell sooooo many hardware units in japan. who knows :D

cmrbe4374d ago

similar taste in the arts. Look at music, Movies and games and you will notice that these countries have similar taste. The majority of actors, musicians in the english world are from these 3 countries. The similar teste and interest i attribute to a shared native lanuage and lineage. Look at the collation of the willing LOL.

ravinash4373d ago

The "collation of the willing"....last time I checked, the general public in Oz and UK weren't that willing...and now even the US aren't too fond of the task.

Sorry, I know its off topic, I just find that title really insulting.

cmrbe4373d ago

If I offended you but I didn't mean that as an insult. I do understand that the majority of people in the US,UK and Australia are against the war NOW but you also must understand that your governments which were voted in by your public represents your public internationally and I was more or less referring to them. What I was actually getting at is that Australia,UK and the US have very similar taste and "interest" country wise. When this war on terror started. I was not surprise at all when Tony,Howard sided with Bush as they really have no other option in my opinion but to support the bush administration.

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Cyrus3654374d ago

Basically looks like last week, with PS3 losing realtively the same amount (around 1000 units) as 360 did (1000 units). DSL is a beast....

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The story is too old to be commented.