What the Next Super Smash Bros. Needs to Succeed

The next Super Smash Bros. is going to see a lot of big changes due to its cross-format compatibility. What should change or be improved upon - and, just as importantly, what should remain the same?

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Instigator2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Smash Bros. will succeed even without these changes being made, but most of them would definitely improve the next installments.

I don't agree that the Melee glitches were as game-breaking as the article says, though. Everyone is free to manipulate them, and is not any different from learning how to effectively use a characters moveset. I didn't even know about them when I first started playing Melee, but after a year or so of religously playing the game I read about them in some gaming mag. At that point they were already incorporated in my playstyle and was to me just a part of the characters moveset.

As a competitive player I want the glitches from Melee back in the next game(s), but in order to please everyone Sakurai could just make them optional like items are.

On a side note: I will miss using the Gamecube controller for SSB.

Sono4212272d ago

I agree the Gamecube controller was BEST for super smash bros. Absolutely perfect! I'm going to get the pro just for Super Smash bros. and hope it works just as good, unless they use the gamepad in some cool way for it, then I might use that. Although one thing I REALLY hope they get right this time is the online. It was SO bad in Brawl, people can feed me that BS that is my internet provider all they want, I play SO many games online on my PS3 and Wii without lag. But one thing that does bother me that I simply can't get past is the fact that its also on 3DS! I feel like this will do nothing but limit the game! I could care less if I can play people using a 3DS, give the 3DS it's own Smash bros game! I don't want my experience on the Wii U limited because of the 3DS. Nintendo shouldn't risk dumbing down the next smash bros just so its Wii U/3DS compatible.

WeskerChildReborned2272d ago

True, SSB already has a big enough fanbase.

ChickeyCantor2272d ago

"This title needs to take Super Smash Bros. Brawl, fix the stuff that didn’t work"

Sakura specifically said that there are going to be big changes.

I think Brawl was the last of its kind.

live2play2272d ago

what it needs to succeed

it needs to come out