22 Failed Game Consoles That You've Probably Never Even Heard Of

Game consoles fail, that's a fact. Here are 22 consoles that you have probably never even heard of.


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slavish2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

i would love 4 there to be more then a oligopoly in home consoles today.

TheLeapist2269d ago

I love articles like these. Video game history intrigues me greatly.

darthv722268d ago

i see some serious collectors items.

Sometimes the most obscure can be worth the most $$$.

SilentNegotiator2268d ago


If I could get one cheap and sell it to some sucker for a bundle because 'that POS is rare', then I'm on the same boat.

Septic2268d ago

Some of those consoles actually had brilliant concepts.

The Nintendo AVS for example. In 1984 the thing was wireless! It had

"It had a keyboard, joystick, light wand/gun, music keyboard, and a data storage unit. It had amazing functions for the time like video game editing and storage, light wand/ gun to tv interaction, and amazing (for the time) 8 bit graphics."

That is mental!

ALso, its interesting noting the Phantom. Had it been released, I think it would really have catalysed the advent of Cloud Gaming.

SilentNegotiator2268d ago

Probably why it failed. Lack of focus is notorious for murdering consoles.

hotrider122268d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

the PHANTOM and INDREMA L 600 was not a FAILURE they was BLOCKED by SONY fear of losing market share. phantom had capability starting the FIRST non-physical disc. download content and CLOUD type Gaming in 2004 with 80gb HDD sony knew this technology existed and was a extreme THREAT.

opensource console, meaning games could have been produced by anyone and everyone.

i believe sony did not want gamers making there own games littlebigplanet type games could have existed long before now.
yeah, sony trying to have a STRONG HOLD in gaming industry no wonder 360 stood its ground with ps3 even with RROD FIASCO. MONEY RULES the out come in technology not product. also
no wonder microsoft HD dvd fail to bluray. what public dont know SONY spent millions to decieve HOLLYWOOD and the public to get bluray to the market. perfect example of the meaning MONEY TALK BULLSH'T WALK.

rest of those so called failed console ran on 32 bit graphic is nothing more than what we have now days 32 bit games in HD quality. long story short NOTHING IS REALLY!!! NEW just a cover-up to look new. high diffenition games is merely 32 bit games with higher resolution. tweak here and there.

2pacalypsenow2269d ago

I remember reading about them phantom back when i was in middle scool

WeskerChildReborned2269d ago

I heard of the Phantom. Sucks that we don't have more variety of consoles these days.

cyclindk2269d ago

I was designing a console...

Called the AT 2328 (acid trip and the random number 2328..)

Basically it consisted of a VCR set to continuous play of Ren and Stimpy episodes and retrofitted with a non-functioning remote control with an IV tube rather than a power cord tapping into an internal reservoir containing a psychotropic drug, not unlike the PS2 controller of old in appearance, but redesigned to administer small periodic doses of LSD via tiny needles projecting from the hand grips of the controller and into the player's palms near the base of the thumbs.

Essentially the drug combined with the capricious hilarity of the cartoon series provides all the necessary stimulation a person could desire.

* I do not personally condone the use of illegal substances

Sgt_Slaughter2269d ago

Um... the link is dead. Would like to view it eventually!

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The story is too old to be commented.