iPad is great for Mobile Gaming

Suck My Trend - The iPad 3, also known as the iPad Third Generation or The New iPad, is a great tablet device, working as a mobile office device with entertaining features built in too. One of these great features is the ability to play some great games, better than what we already experienced on the first generation iPad and the iPad 2 devices.

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mushroomwig2361d ago

It's decent enough but without actual buttons it can never be "great" in my opinion.

ExPresident2361d ago

It has some really good games, and some games just do really well with the touch interface, ie Magic the Gathering 2013. That being said, FPS's wont ever be as good on a touch controlled system as they are with a KB/M or controller.

maniacmayhem2361d ago

Very true, a lot of people downplay iPad because of its lack of buttons but damn near every game made for it has been designed with the touch interface in mind making those game play excellent.