Star Wars: The Old Republic could attract upwards of 50m monthly players says Wedbush

EA's had a rough time with its stock price down over 50 percent since November. The company is clearly still dealing with the turbulence surrounding its ongoing transition, but investors want results now. EA's board stands behind CEO John Riccitiello, and apparently so does Wedbush Securities, which issued a bullish report on the publisher following yesterday's fiscal report (which was about in-line with expectations).

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Quadraxis2362d ago

Ok, let's imagine for a second that the game DOES get such a big amount of players, the thing is, for how long are they going to play? I really doubt this will be as successful as those analysts think.

ATi_Elite2362d ago

NO WAY! EA just needs to realize that SWTOR is FINISHED!!

Sure the F2P mode will make some cash but the Game is TOAST!

Rift came out way before SWTOR and it is still going strong with a SOLID 1 million subscription base that is increasing.

Once Guild Wars 2 is released along with Mist of Pandaria SWTOR is No more!!

Investors know it and that's why EA's stock is $7 bucks!!

kamper2358d ago

Were the hell is the 1 million players in Rift, The servers are mostly empty when I log on.

Ramas2362d ago

what are those people smoking? :D

Panthers2362d ago

I love this game and I am sad to see it go free to play. Hope this doesnt affect the quality of the content

2362d ago
Zha1tan2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

I really couldnt care what they do with that shambles of a warcraft clone, it seems EA is incapable of making a game that isnt just a rip off of an activision franchise.

It was just warcraft (star Wars skin) with tedious dialogue and less content in restricted world maps.

SITH2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

It was either this or star trek online when I finally got my gaming pc.

Star trek online is a freaking beast of a game. I am having too much fun. It makes me want to go watch the star trek series again... all of them.

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