Which franchises are getting better, which are getting worse? The PC Gamer poll results

PC Gamer:

Last week we asked you, our faithful readers, a simple question. From a selection of 20 of the most prominent PC franchises, which are getting better, and which are getting worse? We’ve compiled the results of almost 22,000 unique responses below.

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zeal0us2273d ago

Should of added
-Final Fantasy
-Dead Space
-Resident Evil
-Need For Speed

On to the poll. I'm pretty sure FF would of been voted to the "Getting Worse" category.

Xof2273d ago

Yes, PC gamer should have polled PC gamers on all of those console games.

The only long-running PC franchise I can think of that's gone downhill is Total War. Each new game seems to do one thing better and two things worse than the predecessors. All the other storied franchises--Civilization, Elder Scrolls, Assassin's Creed, Diablo, Half Life, etc. seem to be getting better with each new installment.

Oh, right: Age of Empires. Great first game, fantastic second game... and the third game is complete and utter garbage.


The main problem with PC gaming, as I see it, is that there are too many fantastic franchises--and exciting/innovative gameplay mechanics from older games that have simply vanished off the face of the Earth.

Right now, hell, in the past decade, there has been -nothing- to compete with the likes of Shadows of Amn, Thief, Homeworld, Mechwarrior, Rise of Nations, etc.

And that's a goddamn crying shame.

shackdaddy2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

What? Total War is just fine. Just wait till Rome 2 - you'll see... Diablo has gotten worse though. D3 is not bad, but it's also not that great either.

Also, if you take into account the past BF and CoD games that were on PC (BF1942 all the way to BF2142 and CoD1 all the way to maybe CoDWaW), then they have gotten worse too (BF is still fun though).

Oh, and WoW has gotten worse. That game was so good when Burning Crusade was the newest installment. After that it kinda went downhill.

decrypt2273d ago

I think Lich King was fine too, they really dumbed the game down for the casuals after that.

prototypeknuckles2273d ago

surprisingly sonic is getting better

WeskerChildReborned2273d ago

Even though RE isn't on the list, that one is getting worse and Dead Space maybe depending on if DS3 is really not as scary as DS1 and DS2.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

All pc games that become console games find a home in hell.

All console games that come to pc do fine just badly ported.

Rome 2 will be epic. peace.

Qrphe2273d ago

I agree with your first line.
I'm stoked for Rome 2 as well


Qrphe2273d ago

Diablo has definrotely gotten worse but so has TES. Just look at the content available in Morrowind and compare it to Oblivion, then compare Oblivion's to Skyrim's. The only good thing Skyrim has over Oblivion and Morrowind are more detailed dungeons, even if they're incredibly linear.

mynameisEvil2273d ago

While I think Daggerfall was the best game, Morrowind was definitely a fantastic game and I loved it (still do). With Oblivion and Skyrim... I don't know, there's just something about them that turns me off from them. I guess it's just IV/V don't feel like they've had quite the same love put into them (Shivering Isles was great, though). That's just me, anyway.

Oh, and Diablo? Yeah, definitely gotten worse. Also, I should NEVER be able to say, "I died because I was lagging IN MY SINGLE-PLAYER GAME." It's a good game, but not great like the first two and that damn DRM, man. Argh.

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