Toshiba's HD DVD Price Cuts May Not Stop Blu-Ray

Newsfactor writes:

"One strength for Toshiba and the HD DVD format is that it has the backing of Microsoft, which uses HD DVD players as a peripheral for its Xbox 360 game console. Microsoft sold 4.5 million Xbox units in 2007, nearly twice as many units as Sony's Playstation 3, which comes equipped with a Blu-ray player."

"But the increasingly difficult question for Toshiba is what consumers will play on those HD-DVD units if they buy them. Just two weeks ago, Warner Bros. Studios announced that it was dropping the HD-DVD format entirely and would produce movies in the Blu-ray format alone. The move leaves just three companies -- DreamWorks, Paramount and Universal -- still releasing Hollywood titles on HD DVD."

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DJ4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

For one thing, the commercials put out by the BDA have been far more intuitive and enticing, using testemonials from everyday people as well as reknowned film directors in order to help consumers understand the difference between Blu-ray and DVD (and even HD-DVD).

The HD-DVD commercials on the other hand have been stuck in the realm of analogies, i.e. DVD gives a TV experience, while HD-DVD gives a Big TV experience. Or even better, DVD is 5 breakdancers on stage while HD-DVD is 10 breakdancers on stage. As hip as their intentions may have been, Toshiba and Microsoft have failed to grasp that educating consumers is the number one issue.

The biggest obstacle for HD-DVD though has been its name: it has too many syllables, and the name is far too similar to the current standard, which is DVD. Even Microsoft had trouble advertising the 360 as an "HD Console" since no one in Japan could understand the english term "HD". It was pretty funny for a while. The term is only intuitive for English speakers, and not very often.

HarryEtTubMan4374d ago

lol HD DVD is doing a total nosedive now. It's like a clearance sale now.

TheTwelve4374d ago

Exactly. There is no doubt about it.


cmrbe4374d ago

May be but if you don't have the content you want then what's the point?. Price is the only thing they have which is useless if they don't have the content. I am intrested in what you folks think. Price and content are the two key factors. I would like to here opinions on which is more important.

OC_MurphysLaw4374d ago

I honestly think Price is the most relevant issue to the normal consumer. Think about it, most consumers are being able to get DVD players that can upscale normal DVD to near HD quality...and the HD-DVD players will do the same for them at the same they can buy the cheap players and still buy DVD...which is still the movie leader over any format right now.

I hate to say it but upscaled DVD is going to be a bug in the side of Blu-Ray for a long time. Its cheaper and the selection of DVD to Blu-Ray...well its not even fair to compare & then factor in the price of DVD vs a Blu-Ray. $25+ for a blu-ray when you can upscale the same DVD for $10 cheaper. Its going to be a tough battle for Blu Ray to win in the next 3+ yrs. And by then...Digital Download could be the norm...

cmrbe4374d ago

As i mentioned. Price is a major factor but i still believe content is more important than price. Especially now that 75% of movies will be exclusive on Blu-ray.In the end i believe people buy into these formats to watch movies and if the format don't have the movies then there is no point in my opinion. I think we are seeing that being reflected in the latest neilsen with the huge percentage of people favouring blu because of the warner switch.If blu players were still $800+ then price would have been more important. BTW thanks for the feedback bubble for your time.

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The story is too old to be commented.