13 Most Anticipated Games For the Rest of 2012

SuperPhillip Central writes: "It seems every year gamers are saying that "this year is the best year in video games ever." We roll our eyes, we chuckle, we shake our heads in disbelief, but sometimes we understand where these people are coming from. 2012 has been a pretty packed year in regards to releases, and the second half is going to blow the metaphorical doors off the place. It is full of big releases and terrific-looking titles, but which games are the ones I'm most anticipating?"

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Skateboard4231d ago

*Checks list* All playstaion games, hmmmmmmmm.....

RSEagle4231d ago

Apparently you didn't, only about half of them are.

victorGma214230d ago

Woow... my wallet will cry this year.

Gazondaily4230d ago

I honestly cannot wait! Booked the day off and all! I'm so sad xD

slixshot4230d ago

lol, how did people dislike your comment, RSEagle? It's a fact.

samson-14231d ago

more like 1....lol Biggest title on that list is the awesome Halo 4.

mewhy324230d ago

I have to agree with samson1. There was really only one game on 'that list' I was interesting in. Halo4. I love LBP but not a kart racing fan...well maybe I'd like the 3ds mario but I'm a little sketchy on that one because a new development team is doing it.

jimbobwahey4230d ago

I'm looking forward to Halo 4 but my most anticipated is Need For Speed Most Wanted, which just looks fantastic in my opinion. It looks like Criterion took Burnout Paradise and Hot Pursuit and put them in a blender. Personally though I'm only anticipated 5 games myself this holiday season. In no particular order they are:

-Need For Speed Most Wanted
-PlayStation All-Stars
-Halo 4
-Little Big Planet Karting
-Far Cry 3

PhantomTommy4231d ago

Does anybody actually read the stories on this site?

Skateboard4231d ago

I meant *checks my list*, lol @ the replies.

greenpowerz4231d ago

Doesn't mater if they read them or not, they'll say the same things. Its fanatical fanboyism. Also kids do this to aggravate.

MaxXAttaxX4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

You? Out of all people, you are the one calling someone a fanatical fanboy.
Why? Because he chose only PS games? He didn't even bash other games or platforms. It's just his preference.

greenpowerz4230d ago

I don't enter comment areas trying to piss people off. I give my opinions and or debate people with facts.

It's funny to be called out by a known ps3 fanboy trying to defend a member blatantly trying to piss people off. Not opinion or debate but trolling lol.

Angels37854230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )


LOL you are such a huge fanboy. Your "opinions" clearly show that. The only "facts" you think you debate with are more opinions that you somehow changed to facts in that head of yours. I've never seen you come close to linking articles for viable proof or videos from credible sources (You haven't done anything to prove any points you make, you just spout opinions). Hell I linked you TWO videos analyzing hardware on all the consoles the other day from an ex developer and a Doctorate computer science major and you still said I was wrong.

Listen up everybody....and listen good this guy is a perfect example of fanatical fanboyism, not because he demonstrates EVERY known symptom to its highest degree. But if you challenge him in any way he accuses you of being a PS fanboy to cover his tracks (BTW NathanExplosion is the farthest thing from a ps3 fan just check his comment history, you on the other hand....your comment history is soooo one sided).

AND the main proof he is the perfect example of a fanboy? HE IS IN DENIAL ABOUT IT. EVERY SINGLE comment is "360 is better and ps3 games suck" then if you call him on it and say "hey why dont you be more fair" he says "shut ps3 fanboy, you cant argue with my made up facts" LOLOLOLOL what a joke.....

Brosy4230d ago

NathanExplosion is a sony fanboy, he has shown his bias on numerous occasions. He always has a little negative comment to make about the 360. You sony fanboys have just kept him stocked with bubbles, and he never goes completely blatant with his comments, but rest assured he is a sony fanboy.

Bobby Kotex4230d ago

Looks like a troll list. I wouldn't play most of those games if they were free.

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fermcr4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

WOW... this list fails so hard !!! Well it's their opinion, witch i clearly disagree.

No Borderlands 2, XCOM, Assassins Creed 3...

My list Most Anticipated Games For the Rest of 2012:

2. Borderlands 2
3. Assassin's Creed 3
4. Darksiders 2
5. Halo 4
6. Far Cry 3
7. Sleeping Dogs
8. Hitman
9. Need for Speed Most Wanted
10. Sly Cooper

Ramses34230d ago

Agree, this guy must be a 10 year old. Instead of NFS he picks sonic racing, and instead of Far Cry 3, GTA 5, Dishonored and other amazing games he picks 007? This guy should be fired.

ATi_Elite4231d ago

Was that like a List for a 9 year old kid or what?

Phil324231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

I know responding to comments here is a fool's errand since most comments here are throwaways.

Regardless, if this list was for a 9 year old kid, then it would have been extended to 2013 so I could have listed Call of Duty, the Gears of War prequel, God of War Ascension, Grand Theft Auto V, and other games that ironically pretend to be more mature than they actually are. You know, the types of games that kids play so they can feel more adult because they have "matoor" cursing, blood, titties, and violence, and that grown men can play to fulfill their juvenile boy fantasies. I'll take color and whimsy over that bs any day.

But then again, the subject and misnomer of the "M" rating in video games always gets me salty. :)

Balcrist4230d ago

I think what he meant was that was that a good portion of the games are nintendo crap... Unfortunately, the new cod game Black Cocks II comes out this November, so assuming that this list is for kids, it's missing... However as the makers of CoD never balk at making people keep paying money to play the same game year after year, they'll probably release another one in 2013, so your point there is still valid at least....

BertlSenix4230d ago

No then the list would be full of Halo 4 and CoD cause those are stupid kids game.

antz11044230d ago

@ Phil:

Really? Sonic All Star Racing made it and not Borderlands 2? Or AC 3? Fail list man, fail list:(

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Navarone4231d ago

Borderlands 2 not on that list, weird.

LoaMcLoa4231d ago

Neither is Fall of Cybertron, also weird

hilmart4231d ago

Neither is Guild Wars2, also weird

greenpowerz4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

Wrong post.

Spenok4231d ago

Lol couldn't agree more, when I got to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed I about did a full on facepalm.

Gorbenshore4231d ago

Could have listed a few more games