5 Game Franchises That Aren’t What They Used To Be

Time is the gaming industry’s biggest enemy as it is its biggest asset. Developers can flourish under the constant evolution of new technology and ideas, or they can fail to do so (look no further than Duke Nukem Forever). We’ve seen franchises such as Mario, Zelda and Metal Gear Solid continually produce innovative, yet brilliant titles generation after generation – here’s a look at some of the franchises that haven’t aged so well. [MMGN]

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Sgt_Slaughter2269d ago

If Sonic wasn't on here then I was going to raise Hell! XD

sonic9892268d ago

yah i agree sonic needs some care from sega more than the one they are giving to him now
simply sonic's abilities are far too great for sega to translate in 3d if it was sony we would have seen a different story
but i hope under the new sonic team leader to succeed he ( the leader ) also said it him self that they are giving sonic all the care
new modern sonic in 2014 plus cashing from some lame games like the olympics one that would a big hope for us sonic fans

GuyThatPlaysGames2268d ago

I read the guy's article about Fable 3. He is 100% right about everything he said. Go give it a read and it's also funny as hell !

ChunkyLover532269d ago

Bunk list in my opinion.

Modern Warfare 3 wasn't great, but considering the whole development team left, I've forgiven the lackluster effort, and there is still fun to be had with the game.

Crash hasn't been good for a while, I don't even remember the last Crash game, so that one I'll agree with.

I've never actually played a Final Fantasy game, so I couldn't really say much on if they have gone downhill.

I thought Sonic Colors and Sonic Generation were FANTASTIC, probably the best Sonic games since Sonic Adventure, why they would bring up Sonic At The Olympics is beyond me. It'd be like saying Mario isn't what he used to be because he's a ref in a bad Nintendo Sports game.

Fable is a great series, I liked the second one best of all, but the third was okay, I enjoyed it for what it was, but I wish they didn't limit it and take out some of the good parts that made Fable 2 the great game that it was. Hopefully Fable 4 on the Xbox 720 can restore that franchise.

GTRrocker6662269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

I played final fantasy 7 back in the day and i thought it was crap. Most overrated franchise ever.

Down vote me now please.

HammadTheBeast2269d ago

I didn't mind your comment, but I gave you a down vote anyways. Don't worry, they dont matter anyways. It's the bubbles you dont want popped.

adorie2268d ago

I will bubble you down every time I see you.
Because you feel the need to be called out. So be it.

I don't care about mine,so feel free to do the same.

1 bubble will always be enough.

Final Fantasy VII was an important game and plenty of people weren't even into gaming when it arrived!

That's why I take most opinions on gaming with a molecule of salt, because many people just got into gaming this "gen" and like to entertain the fact that they have been into it longer than they have been a live!

GTRrocker6662268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I dont care about votes. Also I don't really care about being called out just figured that so many people love that game that I would be. Plus people on this site down vote you anyway ha. So i say Meh

Eyeco2268d ago

you know i was recently playing the older COD games and you know what they are completely different to the games now, i was playing COD 3 and it didn't feel like a rail shooter auto aim wasn't overly generous the levels were big and allowed you multiple ways of beating them instead of being stuck on a path following your team mate ai.

seriously COD 4 and onwards are pretty much rail shooters. And at the rik of sounding like a complete fanboy Spyro and Crash should have stayed with Playstation its ironic seeing as how they are on multiple systems there no where near as relevant and popular as they were when they were on PSX

rustyspoon802268d ago

Sypro is now Skylanders which I'm sure make quite a bit of money. Have you seen how much those things cost.
But I agree Spyro 1 was the best.

I don't agree that Crash was ever the most well known game character ever, as stated in the article. If anything he was forth after Mario, Sonic and Lara.
I think the problem with COD is that its exactly what it was. Its pretty much the same game. Hopefully Blops 2 will implemented some good changes.

StreetsofRage2269d ago

Twisted Metal and SOCOM.

End of discussion.

asmith23062268d ago

Especially SOCOM, lets hope for SOCOM 2 HD!


I don't know if SOCOM 2 HD will ever happen, but Sony recently stated they are not done with the franchise despite finishing Zipper off.

I just hope they give it to good developers that actually listen to the community and stood by their decisions this time, apparently the downfall of Zipper was trying to please everyone.

Sony wanted a new SOCOM and sugested a more modern casual-friendly experience while fans demanded a classic tactical hardcore TPS, Zipper had to draw a line and tell Sony what they thought was possible, be realistic with the fanbase expectations, but they failed to do so and SOCOM 4 turned out a mess.

Hicken2268d ago

Your bringing those up has nothing to do with them being Sony games, right?

Of course not...

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