The Coming Video Game Distribution Platform Wars

It was only about five years ago that Netflix started streaming video content via the Web, changing the way we watch movies and TV shows. They weren’t the first mover; Apple has offered video via iTunes store since 2005. But Netflix has found the most success, with 23 million streaming subscribers in the U.S.; a study last year claimed Netflix account for 32.7% of peak U.S. Internet traffic.

Keep in mind that Netflix continues to face a huge number of rivals - Apple, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Amazon and Hulu, among others. Meanwhile, some content producers, including Sony, have begun to mull cutting out the middleman to boost returns.

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2362d ago
WeskerChildReborned2362d ago

I sure hope EA doesn't go completely digital cause i still like physical copies.

StayStatic2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Same even if its to save hard drive space or enjoy the collectors edition of a title rather than going with a collectors digital version , Blizzard collectors editions are sick :D