Gamatsu Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man

Gamatsu writes: The Amazing Spider-Man delivers what it promises, I left with a pleasant taste. I think that having used the same style of play the latest games really brought Batman to Spider-Man to a new level so I look forward to the next title of our friendly neighbor.

To me in particular I would have liked the web-Rush not too long and slow reload to add a little difficulty, however this is Spider-man and requires speed. Obviously as it all depends on taste, many like it, many do not, just my opinion and no better than the staff review.

I highly recommend it especially if you like action, good graphics and all the superheroes, it becomes the game of the year but it is good and worth playing, has a high replay value, and because he will come to 100 % so that you will get unlock different costumes or collect digital comic books that will delight you for a while more, plus you will see the great beginning of this incredible story on the role of extras. Check it out, it is great.

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