The greatest game console of all time?

Will Greenwald writes on CNET Crave:

"A few days ago, blogger Don Reisinger made the bold declaration that the Super Nintendo was the greatest video game system of all time. The SNES was indeed a great console with lots of great games, but it's still a leap to call it the greatest system ever made. In an industry that's over 30 years old, that's seen dozens upon dozens of home video game systems, simply calling out Nintendo's second console as the best ever seems simplistic.


Several other consoles could also be called the greatest gaming system. They all offer a great advancement from the previous generation, they all feature massive libraries of great games, and they all have a shot at beating the Super Nintendo for the superlative title."

Greenwald names three other game consoles that could be considered as the greatest... depending on what you mean by "greatest".

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mintaro4786d ago

greatest console ever= PS2

INehalemEXI4786d ago

I would go with a BC PS3 over a PS2 any day.

TheSadTruth4786d ago

I guess I'll go with a PC since it can emulate every console ever made up to the PS2? I win.

darkshiz4786d ago

Playstation ftw.
PS1 and PS2 broke the 100 million barrier unlike other systems.

INehalemEXI4786d ago

@TheSadTruth you sooooo.. do not win since a PC does not qualify as a console. :D

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nevelo074786d ago

had to pick one i would go with playstation2 it brought gaming out of the gaming world and into the main mainstream, it offered everything you could ever want as far as games plus its the home console of god of war the greatest single player adventure of all time

kewlkat0074786d ago

there is no "greatest console of all time".

I've live through most and at the time you are enjoying a certain console, "it happens to be the best at the moment" and everything that comes after, builds on that.

So you can never have one console without giving props to it's predecessors and others before it, so they are always connected.

My best Console had to be "Super Nintendo". It was doing 3-d games and had soem of the best gaming catalogs ever. PSone comes close but many Genres started to die, so that's a big minus.

barom4785d ago

I'd say the PS2 has given me the most hours of entertainment. And I would call PS1 the most revolutionary in that it was one of the first consoles to introduce 3d games as in graphics (with polygons) and not 2d (I could be wrong though), it also introduced disc media to the gaming world.

Looking back now I'm very surprised the PS1 did so well back then. I mean it was expensive, disc media was probably looked down upon (remember how careful you had to be?). It had little to no popular franchises.

jackdoe4786d ago

Second in the gamerzone! Sweet. Civilized discussion. Anyway, best console ever would probably have to go with the PS2. One of the best libraries ever.